Automatic installation.

This software has its grounding on the founding principles of Yotta, the simplest install path would be to install their tools via their handy installer.


A docker image is available that contains toolchains used to build codal targets. A wrapper Dockerfile is available that can be used to build your project with ease.

Then follow the build steps listed below.

Manual installation

  1. Install git, ensure it is available on your platforms path.
  2. Install the relevant compilation toolchain for your desired platform:
    • arm-none-eabi-* command line utilities for ARM based devices
    • avr-gcc, avr-binutils, avr-libc for AVR based devices
    • xtensa-esp32-* for xtensa based devices.
  3. Install CMake(Cross platform make), this is the entirety of the build system.
    1. If on Windows, install ninja.
  4. Install Python 2.7 (if you are unfamiliar with CMake), python scripts are used to simplify the build process.
  5. Clone this repository